About the Campaign

Mount Vernon has stood proudly since George Washington’s death in 1799 as a singularly timeless representation of our nation’s early history and our freedom. When the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association rescued this iconic place, it also ensured that, along with his home, the legacy of George Washington would survive.

As we look to the future, and particularly, to the 250th anniversary of our nation’s founding, the continued tireless application of expert preservation practices, visionary educational efforts, and increased financial resources will ensure that Mount Vernon remains a cornerstone of our national story.

The challenges facing Mount Vernon and the country today are no different than those Washington faced during his lifetime. Please join us in this Campaign for Mount Vernon to strengthen the foundations of the key elements of the estate including preservation initiatives, educational endeavors, and our endowment.

Campaign Leadership

Andrea Notman Sahin Vice Regent for Massachusetts, Campaign Co-Chair
Catherine Marlette Waddell Vice Regent for Illinois, Campaign Co-Chair
Douglas Bradburn, Ph.D. President and CEO
Joe Bondi Senior Vice President for Development

Board of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association

Margaret Hartman Nichols Maine
Cameron Kock Mayer Vice Regent for Louisiana
Maribeth Armstrong Borthwick Vice Regent for California
Ann Haunschild Bookout Vice Regent for Texas
Virginia Dawson Lane Vice Regent for South Carolina
Laura Peebles Rutherford Vice Regent for Alabama
Susan Marshall Townsend Vice Regent for Delaware
Anne Neal Petri Vice Regent for Wisconsin
Liz Rollins Mauran Vice Regent for Rhode Island
Ann Cady Scott Vice Regent for Missouri
Sarah Miller Coulson Vice Regent for Pennsylvania
Andrea Notman Sahin Vice Regent for Massachusetts
Catherine Hamilton Mayton Vice Regent for Arkansas
Helen Herboth Laughery Vice Regent for Wyoming
Catherine Marlette Waddell Vice Regent for Illinois
Lucia Bosqui Henderson Vice Regent for Virginia
Mary Lang Bishop Vice Regent for Oregon
Elizabeth Medlin Hale Vice Regent for Georgia
Ann Sherrill Pyne Vice Regent for New York
Karen McCabe Kirby Vice Regent for New Jersey
Hilary Carter West Vice Regent for the District of Columbia
Adrian MacLean Jay Vice Regent for Tennessee
Sarah Seaman Alijani Vice Regent for Colorado
Susan Brewster McCarthy Vice Regent for Minnesota
Carolyn Sherrill Fuller Vice Regent for North Carolina

Join the Campaign

Join the campaign to preserve, educate, and inspire in the true spirit of George Washington and his beloved Mount Vernon Estate.